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Order music for All-State Choir: Repertoire for 2015

Before Region Auditions

Director's Membership Form and Dues for TTCCDA


On or before
Nov. 29, 2014
Students participate in Region Auditions
Contact your Region Chair to arrange audition date
Immediately following audtions Region Representatives submit Student Verification
* Send to Dr. Jim Lee by fax 361-358-6339 or email: jleeTTCCDA@gmail.com
Dec 5, 2014
Directors submit Student Registration/Housing Forms
* Send to Dr. Jim Lee by fax 361-358-6339 or email: jleeTTCCDA@gmail.com
Dec 15, 2014 Payment for Student All-State Choir Registration due to Dr. Jim Lee
* Please allow time for your business office to process payment.
$85.00 per student
Dec 30, 2014 TMEA Student Registration Form and Payment Due
(This is mailed under separate cover to TMEA, not through Dr. Jim Lee)
$20 per student
Mid-January 2015 Director submit Alternate Student Registration/Housing Form and new payments for additionally called singers. Confirm with Dr. Jim Lee by email: jleeTTCCDA@gmail.com Additional dues for alternates
By TMEA Convention
in February

Students must read and sign Code of Conduct Form
Director keeps this on file and brings with them to the convention.

At the TMEA Convention Directors pay hotel costs directly to the participating hotel Cost varies per # of students attending


Director Membership and Dues Form - DUE BEFORE Region Auditions, but no later than November 15.

Student Verification Form - Bring to the region audition. DUE IMMEDIATELY AFTER THE AUDITION.

TTCASC Student Registration Form- As soon as possible after auditions, but no later than DECEMBER 5.

TTCASC Alternate Student Registration Form - As soon as possible after students are called.

TTCCDA Code of Conduct and Publicity Release - Have each student sign and directors must keep a copy on file. If any student opts out of the photo/video release, they must communicate this information to the Webmaster.


1. Email the Director Membership and Dues Form to Dr. Jim Lee before Region Auditions and pay your annual membership dues (see information below on payment).

2. Purchase the required repertoire and have the students learn it prior to their audition.

3. In September, each Region Representative will contact the directors in their region and select a date and venue for their regional audition. Auditions must be completed before Thanksgiving. Each director may enter as many students as desired for the audition but only the students who show proficiency on all the music will be selected by the three judges to participate in the Texas Two Year College All State Choir. Each college may have up to (but not required) an octet (SSAATTBB) selected from his/her institution. Students must perform all selected repertoire during the audition. All alternates should be selected and certified at the time of auditions.

4. At the audition, there must be three judges who sign the Student Verification Form. At least two should be TTCCDA member-directors. If a third TTCCDA member-director can not be present, then a qualified music educator may be used as a judge. The Student Verification Form must be sent to Jim Lee immediately after the audition. Dr. Jim Lee must have this form in order to confer with the choral coordinator to determine if alternates are needed.

5. Fill out the Student Registration Form and email to Dr. Jim Lee before or by December 5, 2014. Payment may come later if necessary. This form must be received in order to make hotel reservations by January 1, 2014.

6. All students who have been certified to participate in the Texas Two Year College All State Choir must register with TMEA. The registration fee is $20.00 per student. This fee must be sent directly to TMEA by each director from each college. After auditions, each director will go to the TMEA website, www.tmea.org, and download the PDF form for student membership registration for the convention. There will need to be one form for each student. Each college director will mail these forms to TMEA with a check paying the $20.00 fee per student. DEADLINE FOR TMEA TO RECEIVE FORMS AND MONEY IS DECEMBER 31 OF EVERY YEAR.

7. Print off copies of theCode of Conduct Formand have each participating student read and sign these forms. Bring these forms with you to the Convention in February.

8. Alternates will be called by December 15 and/or before the end of January after the beginning of the spring semester and notification from directors has been received by the Executive Secretary of any certified student not eligible to participate in the Texas Two Year College All State Choir. Any director having a certified student who does not return to school or enroll in the college choral ensemble for the spring semester, must contact Jim Lee immediately.

Fill out the pdf forms electronically and then email them to Jim Lee at jleeTTCCDA@gmail.com.

The Student Verification Form will need to be scanned and then emailed to jleeTTCCDA@gmail.com (preferred) OR faxed to 361.358.6339. Directors should bring forms to auditions. They should be scanned after they are signed. The Region Representative or Director in charge of auditions should scan all Student Verification Forms and email them to jleeTTCCDA@gmail.com

Links for credit card payments are found on the form pages. If paying by check, m
ake check payable to TTCCDA and mail payment to Dr. Jim Lee at:

Dr. Jim Lee, Executive Secretary / Treasurer
Texas Two-Year College Choral Directors Association
P.O. Box 4374
Beeville, TX 78104

NOTE: Credit Card information is required to make hotel reservations.

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