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2016 choir
Texas Two Year College All State Choir, Performance February 2016
Convention Center, San Antonio, Texas
Dr. Hilary Apfelstadt, director



Ms. Bobbie Douglass, Tarrant County Community College Northeast

Immediate Past President
Dr. Mark Marotto, Lone Star College-Montgomery

Executive Secretary/Treasurer
Dr. Jim Lee

2017 All-State Choir Coordinator, President-Elect 2018
Dr. Dave Faber, Lone Star College-North Harris

Instrumental Coordinator
Mr. Edgar Moore, San Jacinto College North

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Region I Representative (Term Expires 2017)
Dr. Deborah Gelber, South Plains College

Region II Representative (Term Expires 2017)
Mr. Rob Laney, Weatherford College

Region III Representative (Term Expires 2017)
Ms. Beckie Compton, Angelina College

Region IV Representative (Term Expires 2019)
Dr. Allyson Applebaum-Wells, Houston Community College Northwest

Region V Representative (Term Expires 2019)
Ms. Virginia Volpe, Austin Community College Northridge

Chair, Hospitality Committee
Sandra Bauer, Panola College

Chair, Logistics Committee
Mr. Rob Laney, Weatherford College

Chair, Webmaster
Dr. Marylynn L. Fletcher, Victoria College


2018 All-State Choir Coordinator, President-Elect 2019
Sandra Bauer, Panola College
Dr. Wallace Long, clinician, Willamette University, Salem, Oregon

2019 All-State Choir Coordinator, President-Elect 2020
Melinda Imthurn, Eastfield College
Dr. Craig Hella-Johnson, clinician

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